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Hua Chiew Thai-Chinese Clinic

Since its inception in 1995 the Clinic has flourished with cooperation from the Ministry of Health, the direction of Dr. Uthen Techaphaibun and Dr. Smarn Ophaswongse, Poh Teck Tung Foundation, along with the cooperation of the medical experts of Long Hua Hospital  Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine the Tiansin (Nanjing) University of Chinese Medicine Hospital,  Guang An Men Hospital, Beijing, and the Choendu  University of Chinese Medicine, together with the unstinting energy and talent of our physicians and staff.

    The Chinese Medical Building was officially opened by Her Royal Highness Princess Mahachakri Sirindhorn on  January 7, 2005, in a gesture of friendship and a historic cultural exchange between Thailand and China.
    This is a multi-purpose building with dianostic, treatment and pharmaceutical facilities. The building houses the Health Ministry’s Southeast Asian  Institute of Thai-Chinese Medicine, as well as acupuncture and tuina massage training facilities and a conference and seminar room.
Patient’s medical histories and accounts have been computerized for rapid access. Aside from these,
we offer drug preparation and home-delivery services.

Physicians and experts from the Republic of China www.huachiewtcm.com

Internal Medicine Unit

Treatment of heart, lung, liver, stomach, etc. conditions

Cancer Unit

Reduce side-effects of surgery, radiation treatment and chemotherapy for a happier, longer life

Kidney Unit

Kidney disease, diabetes and high blood pressure-related; gallstones

Acupuncture Unit

Pain, stroke, numbness

Tuina massage Unit

Bone fractures, sprains, bone disease

Dermatology Unit

Skin disease, acne, blackheads

Osteopathy Unit

Pain and stiffness, muscle conditions

Gynecology Unit

Menstruation, pregnancy, menopause

Continuing from the twentieth century, cancer has become one of the manor threats to human life and happiness in our time.
The Hua Chiew Clinic has therefore worked with the Long Hua Hospital , Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine,
in establishing the Cancer Center, utilizing leading Chinese medical techniques in the treatment of cancer and in alleviating the negative side-effects following surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, thus leading to a longer and happier life.
Internet-based diagnosis and treatment by leading physicians in China

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