TCM. Dr. Tanchanok  Euathummit (Yang  Gui  Lian)

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TCM. Dr. Tanchanok  Euathummit (Yang  Gui  Lian)

TCM. Dr. Tanchanok  Euathummit (Yang  Gui  Lian)

Medical license number 639

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Chronic Kidney disease, Chronic Renal failure, Hypertension, DM, and Internal medicine disease e.g Allergy, Insomnia, Headache, Kidney stone, Vertigo, Urinary tract infection (UTI), Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).



Master Degree of Internal TCM of Nephrology.
Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Language Spoken
Chinese, Thai and English language.



Room No.403
Work DayTuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Time8:00 am. - 4:00 pm.
Day offMonday 


Research / Publications / Scholarship / Training

1. Clinical study P-cresyl and Indoxyl sulfate on the treatment of chronic renal failure with non dialysis patients by draft of Chen Ming’s  professor  to  tonifying  Qi , promote  blood  circulation  and  eliminating  turbid  with  TCM  decortion.

2. Understanding the theoretical connotation of "Kidney governing Bone" in traditional Chinese Medicine from the Perspective of Modern Medicine.

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