A WEI 阿魏

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A WEI 阿魏

Ferulae Rasina (阿魏) is oleoresins of Ferula sinkiangensis K. M. Shen or  F. fukanensis K.M. Shen, family Apiaceae (Umbelliferae)

Other name  Awei (Chinese name), Chinese Asafoetida

Macroscopic character

     Irregular lumps, texture waxy. Fracture somewhat pored, freshly cut surface pale, gradually darken on storage. External waxy-yellow to brownish-yellow. Odor, garlic-like pungent; taste, pungent, burning chewing.

Important cultivation area

Central Asia, Iran and Afghanistan.

Processing method

Eliminate foreign matters, cut into small pieces.

Traditional Chinese Medicine action
Bitter, pungent; cold. Enter spleen and stomach channels. Carminative, digestive, anthelmintics.

Thai Traditional Medicine action
Ma-Ha-Hing (oleoresins of F. assa-foetida L.): Related crude drug to Ferulae Rasina. Astringent, hot, foul; used for flatulence, stomachache, nourish Dhatu, digestive, expectorant, relieve pain; externally applied for flatulence and stomachache in children.

Usage and dosage    1-1.5 g, as pills or powder. Appropriate amount for external used.

* Contraindication and precaution * 
Contraindicated in patient with stomach and spleen deficiency, and pregnant woman.

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