Bibo 荜茇 Indian Long Pepper

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Bibo 荜茇 Indian Long Pepper

Piperis Longui Fructus (荜茇) is the dried and nearly ripe or ripe fruit-spike of Piper longum L., family Piperaceae.

Other name  Bibo (Chinese name), Indian Long Pepper

Macroscopic character

Cylindrical, slightly curved, aggregated by numerous small drupes. External blackish-brown or brown, with obliquely and regularly arranged protruding, base sometimes bearing fruit stalk. Texture hard and fragile, easily broken, fracture irregular and granular. Odor, characteristic aromatic; taste, pungent.


Important cultivation area
Yunnan, Guangdong and Hainan provinces. Indonesia (Sumatra Island), Philippines and Vietnam.


Processing method

Eliminate foreign matters, dried in the sun.

Traditional Chinese Medicine action
Pungent; hot. Enter stomach and large intestine channels. Warm zhongjiao to dissipate cold, direct qi downward and relieve pain. Used for cold pain in epigastrium and abdomen, vomiting, diarrhea, qi stagnation caused by congealing cold. Chest impediment and heart pain, headache, toothache.

Thai Traditional Medicine action
Di-Pli (dried ripe fruit-spike of P. retrofractum Vahl): Related crude drug to Piperis Longui Fructus.  Pungent, bitter. Nourish earth-Dhatu, carminative, anti-diarrhea, stomachic, expectorant, anti-wheeze, emmenagogue.

Usage and dosage  1-3 g, decoction for oral use, crush before use.

Appropriate amount for external use, ground into powder to stuff dental caries.

* Contraindication and precaution * 

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