Baibu 百部 Sessile Stemona Root

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Baibu 百部 Sessile Stemona Root

Stemonae Radix (百部) is the dried tuber of Stemona sessilifolia (Miq.) Miq. or S. japonica (Bl.) Miq. or S. tuberosa Lour., family Stemonaceae.

Other name   
Baibu (Chinese name), Sessile Stemona Root, Japanese Stemona Root, Tuber Stemona Root

Macroscopic character

Zhilibaibu (S. sessilifolia): Fusiform, upper end relatively slender, external yellowish-white or pale brownish-yellow, with irregular longitudinal deep furrows. Texture fragile, easily broken, fracture even, pale yellowish-brown or yellowish-white. Odor, slight; taste, sweet and bitter.

Manshengbaibu (S. japonica): Two ends slightly thinned. External mostly with irregular longitudinal furrows and transverse wrinkles.

Duiyebaibu (S. tuberosa): Long fusiform or long strip-shaped, external yellowish-brown to greyish-brown, with shallow longitudinal furrows. Texture compact, fracture yellowish-white or dark brown, stele large and whitish.

Important cultivation area

Hunan, Hubei, Guangdong and Fujian provinces.

Processing method

1. Baibu : Eliminate foreign matters, wash clean, soak until thoroughly soften, cut into thick slices and dry.

2. Mibaibu : Mix Baibu with dilute refined honey in an appropriate quantity of boiling water (use 25 kg of honey for 100 kg of Baibu), allow to stand until thoroughly soaked, stir-fry on a gentle fire until not sticky to the fingers.

Traditional Chinese Medicine action
Sweet, bitter; slightly warm. Enter lung channel.

1. Baibu : Moisten lung, direct qi downward to suppress cough, kill parasite and lice.

2. Mibaibu : Stir-fry with honey moderate the irritation of the stomach, more potent in moisten lung to suppress cough.

Thai Traditional Medicine action

Non-Tai-Yak (S. tuberosa): Nauseate taste. Kill parasite. Use for skin diseases, rash, oozing eczema, scabies and lice.

Usage and dosage   
3-9 g, decoction for oral use. Appropriate amount for external use by boiling in water or macerating with liquor.

* Contraindication and precaution *
Should not be used in patient with heat in spleen and stomach.

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