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Rosae Rugosae Flos (玫瑰花)  is the dried flower bud of Rosa rugosa Thunb., family Rosaceae.

Other name 
Dok-Ku-Larb (Thai name), Meiguihua (Chinese name), Rose Flower

Macroscopic character

Nearly hemispherical or irregularly massed. Remaining pedicle pubescent, receptacle hemispherical, accreted with calyx at the base. Calyx 5, lanceolate, yellowish-green or brownish-green, pubescent. Petals frequently crumpled, broadly ovate when unfolded, imbricated, purplish-red, sometimes yellowish-brown. Stamens numerous, yellowish-brown. Style numerous. Texture light, and fragile. Odor, strongly aromatic; taste, slightly bitter and astringent.

Important cultivation area

Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong and Anhui provinces.

Processing method
Collected before flowering, and dried  at a low temperature.

Traditional Chinese Medicine action
Sweet and mild bitter; warm. Enter liver and spleen channels. Move qi, relieve depression, harmonize blood, and relieve pain.

Usage and dosage   
3-6 g, decoction for oral use. 

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