Imperatae Rhizoma (白茅根) is the dried rhizome of Imperata cylindrica Beauv. var. major (Nees) C.E. Hubb., family Poaceae (Graminae).

Other name 
Ya-Kha (Thai name), Baimaogen (Chinese name), Lalang Grass Rhizome

Macroscopic character
Long cylindrical, external yellowish-white or pale yellow, slightly
lustrous, longitudinally wrinkled, nodule distinct. Texture light, fragile, fracture white with numerous cracks arranged radially, stele pale yellow, easily stripped from cortex. Odor, slight; taste, slightly sweet.

Important cultivation area
Wide spread cultivated in China.

Processing method
1. Baimaogen :
Eliminate foreign matters, wash clean, soak until thoroughly soften, cut into sections and dry.

2. Maogentan :
Stir-bake Baimaogen on a medium fire until external turns scorched brown, internal turns scorched yellow, allow to cool.

Traditional Chinese Medicine action
Sweet; cool. Enter lung, stomach and urinary bladder channels.

1. Baimaogen :Cool the blood to stanch bleeding, diuresis and clear heat, promote jin to stop cough.

2. Maogentan : Astringent, reduce cool. Use for hemorrhagic diseases such as hematemesis , epistaxis.

Thai Traditional Medicine action
Sweet, cool. Used for diuresis, thirsty and internal heat, cystitis, kidney nourishment, jaundice, anorexia.

Usage and dosage 
9-30 g, decoction for oral use.

* Contraindication and precaution *
Contraindicated in patient with cold-deficiency of spleen and stomach, more urinate without thirsty. Should not use in patient withhematemesis due to cold-deficiency.

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