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Morindae Officinalis Radix (巴戟天) is the dried root of Morinda officinalis How, family Rubiaceae.

Other name 
Bajitian (Chinese name), Morinda Root

Macroscopic character
Compressed-cylindrical, curved.  External greyish-yellow or dark grey, with longitudinal wrinkles and transverse cracks, some bark transversely broken and wood exposed.  Texture tough, fracture bark thick, purple, easily separated from wood.  Wood hard, yellowish-brown.  Odor, slight; taste, sweet and slightly astringent.

Important cultivation area
Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian and Hainan provinces.

Processing method
1. Bajitian : Eliminate foreign matters and press to flat.

2. Bajirou : Steam the clean Bajitian, remove the woody cores while hot, cut into sections, and dry.

3. Yanbajitian : Spray Bajitian with a sufficient quantity of brine water (2 kg of salt for 100 kg of Bajitian), soak until totally adsorbed, steam until soften, remove the woody cores while hot, cut into sections, and dry.

4. Zhibajitian : Boil Bajitian in Gancao water (use 6 kg of Gancao for 100 kg of Bajitian), remove the woody cores while hot, cut into sections and dry.

5. Jiubajitian : Mix Bajitian with yellow wine (use 12 kg of yellow wine for 100 kg of Bajitian) soak until totally adsorbed, stir-fry on a gentle fire until dry, and allow to cool.

Traditional Chinese Medicine action
Sweet and pungent; slightly warm.  Enter kidney and liver channels.

1. Bajitian: Tonify kidney yang, strengthen sinew and bone, dispel wind-dampness.

2. Bajirou:
More potent than Bajitian, due to no the woody cores.

3. Yanbajitian:
Enhance the action to enter the kidney, warm but not dry.

4. Zhibajitian:
Enhance potency in tonifying kidney and strengthening yang, strengthen sinew and bones.

5. Jiubajitian:
Enhance potency in warming kidney and strengthening yang, strengthening sinew and bones, dispel wind-dampness.

Usage and dosage 
3-10 g, decoction for oral use

* Contraindication and precaution *

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