MMOexp Night Crows - Free-to-Play Guide for Earning Diamonds (42 อ่าน)

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Welcome to the thrilling world of Night Crows, where adventure awaits at every corner and riches are there for the taking. In this guide, tailored specifically for Free-to-Play (F2P) players, we'll explore strategies and tips to Night Crows Diamonds help you maximize your earnings of Diamonds tokens, the coveted currency in this immersive MMORPG by Wemade.

Understanding the Economy:

Night Crows introduces players to a complex economy driven by various tokens. While there are seven types of Multi-Utility Tokens in the game, our focus lies primarily on Diamonds. These tokens hold significant value and can be earned through strategic gameplay.

One key aspect of the economy involves converting Diamonds, a premium currency, into Diamonds. However, only Diamonds obtained from the Exchange or Player Missions (known as Value Added Diamonds or vDIA) are eligible for conversion.

Pre-Level 30 Strategies:

As a new player, your priority is to power level your character to at least level 35, unlocking the ability to sell items on the Exchange. Here are some tips for efficiently progressing through the early stages:

Choose the Hunter class for its ranged capabilities, allowing for efficient mob farming.

Focus on completing main quests for substantial experience rewards.

Manage potion usage to ensure efficient healing during battles.

Utilize mounts for travel instead of spending gold on waypoints.

Upgrade your character's stats, with a particular emphasis on Accuracy (ACC) to ensure effective combat.

Invest in upgrading skills using spellbooks, ensuring compatibility with your chosen class.

Consider collecting and registering items to enhance your character's stats or sell on the Exchange.

AFK Mob Farming:

When faced with obstacles or quests you can't yet conquer, consider AFK farming mobs to gain experience. Scout areas on the map where valuable loot drops, and focus your efforts there to maximize gains.

Post-Level 30 Advancements:

Upon reaching level 30, new opportunities for earning Diamonds emerge, particularly through Dungeons. These special hunting grounds offer various rewards and reset periodically, providing ample opportunities for resource accumulation.

Prioritize Dungeon runs, focusing on dungeons like the Land of Prosperity and Forest of Training for lucrative rewards.

Continue upgrading your character's growth rate through the Creed Inheritance system, aligning with your class's strengths.

Once you reach level 35, take advantage of the Exchange to sell collected items for Diamonds.

Exchange Trading Tips:

Set competitive prices for items based on market stats to maximize sales.

Be mindful of the small fee deducted from sales and adjust prices accordingly.

Manually adjust selling prices when selling items in batches to reflect quantity accurately.

Daily Routine for Free-to-Play Players:

Complete main quests until reaching progression walls.

Clear daily quests, dungeons, and missions available in the free section of the battle pass to maximize earnings.

Embark on your adventure in Night Crows, where every Diamond earned is a step closer to unlocking the treasures of the game's immersive world and converting them into valuable Diamonds tokens, paving the way for Night Crows Diamonds for sale boundless opportunities and unforgettable experiences.




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