TCM. Dr. Sita Soiampornkul (Lin Ying Wen)

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TCM. Dr. Sita Soiampornkul (Lin Ying Wen)

TCM. Dr. Sita Soiampornkul (Lin Ying Wen)

Medical license number 1049

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Infertility, Primary ovarian insufficiency, Menstruation disorder, Menopause, Dysmenorrhoea, Pelvic inflammatory disease, Endometriosis, Chocolate Cyst, PCOS and Postpartum hypogalactia.


Master Degree of Chinese Medicine, Gynecology Dermatology.
Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Language Spoken
Chinese language, Thai language and English language



Room No.203
Work DayMonday  Wednesday  Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 
Time8:00 am. - 16:00 pm.
Day offTuesday 


Research / Publications / Scholarship / Training
1. Evaluation of the efficacy of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine in the treatment of ovarian dysfunction and premature ovarian failure

2. Participate in academic conferences under "Clinical strategies and basic research progress in the diagnosis and treatment of reproductive endocrine diseases with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine" topic.

3. Participate in academic conferences under "Haipai Chinese Medicine Experience and Modern Clinical Application" topic.


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