Xanthii Fructus (苍耳子) is the dried ripe fruit completely enveloped with involucre bract of Xanthium sibiricum Patr., family Asteraceae (Compositae).

Other name 
Kra-Chap (Thai name), Cangerzi (Chinese name), Siberian Cocklebur Fruit

Macroscopic character
Fusiform or ovoid. External yellowish-brown or yellowish-green, with hooked spines throughout. Summit with 2 relatively thick spines, base with fruit stalk scar. Texture hard and flexible, transverse section, 2 loculi, each an achene containing oil. Odor, slight; taste, slightly bitter.

Important cultivation area

Wide spread cultivated in China.

Processing method

1. Cangerzi: Eliminate fruit stalks, leaves and other foreign matters.

2. Chaocangerzi: Stir-bake Cangerzi on a medium fire until color changed to dark yellow, eliminate and sift out spines.


Traditional Chinese Medicine action
Pungent and bitter; warm; toxic. Enter lung channel.

1. Cangerzi: Disperse wind-cold, relieve the stuffy nose, dispel wind-dampness.

2. Chaocangerzi: Stir-bake will reduce toxicity, more potent in relieve the stuffy nose, dispel wind-dampness, relieve pain.


Thai Traditional Medicine action
Used for smallpox, tonic, joint pain, paresis, urticaria, enlarge abdomen, diaphoresis, internal heat.

Usage and dosage  
3-10 g, decoction for oral use. Crush before use.

* Contraindication and precaution *
Caution in patient with blood deficiency headache and pregnant women.

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