TCM. Dr. Yaowakiat  Yaowapankul (Qiu Li Fu)

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TCM. Dr. Yaowakiat  Yaowapankul (Qiu Li Fu)

TCM. Dr. Yaowakiat  Yaowapankul (Qiu Li Fu)

Medical license number 628
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Chronic renal failure, Postponing dialysis and discomfort after dialysis, Urinary system diseases, such as Benign prostatic hyperplasia, Prostatitis, Urinary tract infection, Allergic diseases, Insomnia, Hypertension, Diabetes mellitusand, Thyroid disease, gout, other general internal medicine disease.


Phd. of Endocrinology and Nephrology
Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Language Spoken
Chinese, Thai and English language.



Room No.401
Work DayMonday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Saturday Sunday
Time8:00 am. to 4:00 pm.
Day offFriday


Research / Publications / Scholarship / Training

1. World China Federation of diabetes Specialized Committee (Director).

2. World China Federation of kidney disease (Specialized Committee) (Director)

3. National Public nutritionist (Senior)

4. Outstanding Government Student Scholarship 2011 - 2012

5. Beijing Government Scholarship (PhD) 2014 - 2016

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