Ginkgo Semen (白果) is the dried ripe seed of Ginkgo biloba L., family Ginkgoaceae.

Other name  Baiguo (Chinese name), Gingko Seed

Traditional Chinese Medicine action
Sweet, bitter, astringent; neutral; toxic. Enter lung and kidney channels.

1. Baiguoren : Nourish lung to resolve wheezing, relieve vaginal discharge, reduce urination, used as expectorant, detoxify and anthelmintic.

2. Chaobaiguoren : Stir-bake will reduce toxicity, promote convergence activity, used to resolve wheezing, relieve vaginal discharge and reduce urination.

Usage and dosage    5-10 g, decoction for oral use. Crush before use.


* Contraindication and precaution * 
Should not use Baiguoren in large amount.
Contradicted use raw Baiguoren due to its toxic.

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