4 DOs & 4 DON’Ts If you have pimple problem

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4 DOs & 4 DON’Ts If you have pimple problem


  Select any facial cleaning product which is gentle formula to avoid the irritation.

The allergy test would be recommended to any product which is new to a user.

2.  Wash your face with warm water or room temperature water and avoid cold

water to prevent pore minimization that can cause facial oil blocking.

3.   Eat fresh vegetable or fruit regularly; drink enough water in each day.

4.  Manage time for defecation at least once a day (you can drink 1-2 glasses of
water after waking up to help)


1.  Do not have food with strong flavor (sour, spicy, salty, sweet, oily), injurious food,

alcohol beverage. You can have fried food, bakery, cold water, ice and ice-cream in

proper amount.

2.Avoid late sleeping. According to body-clock theory, people should sleep before


3. Do not touch, press, squeeze pimples to avoid inflammation, wound and scar.


4.  Be selectful when using cosmetics to reduce blocking up that can cause acne.


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