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Ginkgo Semen (白果) is the dried ripe seed of Ginkgo biloba L., family Ginkgoaceae.

Other name  Baiguo (Chinese name), Gingko Seed

Macroscopic character

     Ellipsoidal, shell hard, inner seed coat membranous, one end pale brown and the other end golden-yellow. Kernel broadly ovoid or ellipsoidal. Fracture starchy, with a fissure in the center. Odor, slight; taste, sweet, slightly bitter.

Important cultivation area

Guangxi, Sichuan, Hubei, Jiangxu and Shandong provinces.

Processing method

1. Baiguoren: Eliminate foreign matters, hard shell and inner seed coat, use the kernel.

2.Chaobaiguoren: Stir-bake Baiguoren on a gentle fire until color turns dark yellow and aromatic.

Traditional Chinese Medicine action
Sweet, bitter, astringent; neutral; toxic. Enter lung and kidney channels.

1. Baiguoren : Nourish lung to resolve wheezing, relieve vaginal discharge, reduce urination, used as expectorant, detoxify and anthelmintic.

2. Chaobaiguoren : Stir-bake will reduce toxicity, promote convergence activity, used to resolve wheezing, relieve vaginal discharge and reduce urination.

Usage and dosage    5-10 g, decoction for oral use. Crush before use.

* Contraindication and precaution * 
Should not use Baiguoren in large amount.
Contradicted use raw Baiguoren due to its toxic.

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