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Pinelliae Rhizoma (半夏) is the dried rhizome of Pinellia ternata (Thunb.) Ten. ex Breitenb., family Araceae.

Other name 
Hora-Khao-Phot (Thai name), Banxia (Chinese name), Pinellia Tuber

Macroscopic character
Spherical, external white or light yellow, apex with a sunken stem scar. Texture hard, fracture starchy. Odor, slight; taste, pungent, with numbing and irritating sensation.

Important cultivation area
Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou provinces and in several provinces in China: Hubei, Henan, Anhui, Shandong, Gansu, and Jiangsu provinces.

Processing method
1.  Shengbanxia : Wash clean, remove fibrous roots, peel, dry.

2.  Fabanxia : Soak Shengbanxia in water until thoroughly wet, take out. Prepare Gancao water (use 15 kg of Gancao for 100 kg of Shengbanxia, boiled Gancao in water twice, combine the liquid, add 10 kg of lime, mix well). Soak Shengbanxia in Gancao water, stir regularly 1-2 times daily. Keep the pH of the mixture higher than 12. Soak until the cut surface turns uniform yellow and gives slight numbness to the tongue. Take out, wash clean and dry.

3. Jiangbanxia : Soak Shengbanxia in water until thoroughly wet, take out. Prepare Ginger water by boil ginger (25 kg of fresh ginger for 100 kg of Shengbanxia) with water and add 12.5 kg of alum. Add Shengbanxia and boil until all are cooked, take out, dry to nearly dry. Cut into 1-2 mm thick slices, dry.

4.  Qingbanxia : Soak Shengbanxia in 8% alum solution (20 kg of alum for 100 kg of Shengbanxia) until thoroughly soaked and give slightly numbing sensation to the tongue when touched. Take out and wash clean. Cut into 2-4 mm thick slices, dry, sift off fragments.

Traditional Chinese Medicine action
Pungent; warm; toxic. Enter spleen, stomach and lung channels.
1. Shengbanxia : Dry dampness and resolve phlegm, suppressing reverse flow-up of qi and guide qi downward, stop vomiting, relieving stuffiness and dissipating nodule.
2. Fabanxia : Reduce toxicity, resolve cold phlegm and harmonize the function of spleen and stomach.
3. Jiangbanxia : Reduce toxicity, enhance antiemetic activity. Main actions are warm the stomach, resolve phlegm and reduce reversed flow of qito stop vomiting.
4. Qingbanxia : Reduce toxicity, enhance the expectorant activity. Main actions are dry dampness and resolve phlegm.

Thai Traditional Medicine action

Usage and dosage 
3-9 g of processed drug, decoction for oral use. Crush before use. For external use, appropriate amount of Pinelliae Rhizoma powder mixed with liquor to apply on the affected area.

* Contraindication and precaution *
Incompatible with Chuanwu, Zhichuanwu, Caowu, Zhicaowu and Fuzi. Cautiously use Shengbanxia for oral use.

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