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Platycladi Cacumen (侧柏叶) is the dried twig and leaf of Platycladus orientalis (L.) Franco, family Cupressaceae.

Other name 
Cebaiye (Chinese name), Chinese Arborvitae Twig and Leaf

Macroscopic character
Frequently branched, twigs flattened. Leaves small, scale-shaped, decussate, close to stems, dark green or yellowish-green. Texture fragile, easily broken. Odor, delicately aromatic; taste, bitter, astringent and slightly pungent.

Important cultivation area
Cultivated in most parts of the country.

Processing method
1. Cebaiye:
Eliminate hard twigs and foreign matters.

2. Cebaiyetan:
Stir-bake Cebaiye on a strong fire until outer surface becomes charred brown, inside charred yellow.

Traditional Chinese Medicine action
Bitter and astringent; cold. Enter lung, liver and spleen channels.

1. Cebaiye : Cool the blood to stanch bleeding, resolve phlegm and suppress cough, promote hair growth and blacken hairs.

2. Cebaiyetan : Neutralize cold property, more potent in stop bleeding.

Usage and dosage 
6-12 g, decoction for oral use.  Appropriate amount for topical application.

* Contraindication and precaution *

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