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Andrographis Herba (穿心莲) is the dried aerial part of Andrographis paniculata (Burm. f.) Nees, family Acanthaceae.

Other name 
Fa-Tha-Lai-Chon (Thai name), Chuanxinlian (Chinese name), Common Andrographis Herb

Macroscopic character
Stems square and frequently branched, nodes slightly swollen. Texture fragile, easily broken. Leaves simple,opposite, short petiole or nearly sessile, lamina crumpled and easily broken, with acuminate apex and cuneate base, margin entire. The upper surface green, the lower surface greyish-green. Odor, slight; taste, extremely bitter.

Important cultivation area
Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian and Yunnan provinces

Processing method
Eliminate foreign matters, wash clean, cut into section and dry.

Traditional Chinese Medicine action
Bitter; extremely cold. Enter heart, lung, large intestine and urinary bladder channels. Clear heat and remove toxin, cool the blood, and disperseswelling. Use for common cold fever, swollen sore throat, aphthous ulcers, whooping cough, diarrhea and dysentery, heat stranguria, swelling abscess, insect bite wound.


Thai Traditional Medicine action
Bitter. Used for common cold, sore throat, aphthous ulcers and diarrhea.

Usage and dosage 
6-9 g, decoction for oral use, appropriate amount for external use.

* Contraindication and precaution *

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